Prepare for the Opportunity

Your New Opportunity

You should now see your new opportunity in the left column of your dashboard. Underneath the opportunity title, there are four buttons which allow you to:

track sign ups

approve volunteer hours
(covered on the next page)

print a sign in sheet

edit the opportunity

Track Sign Ups

To track sign ups, click on the first icon:

This brings you to a table of signed up volunteers and their relevant information, such as phone number and shift time. You can print this table or export it as CSV (comma-separated values) to input into any database or spreadsheet.

You will also receive a digest email at the end of each day with a list of all newly registered
volunteers and their contact info.

Sign In Sheet

To print the automatically generated sign in sheet, click on the third icon:

This can be printed and used at the actual event to keep track of volunteers.

In addition to the rows pre-filled with your GoVo sign ups, there are also empty rows at the bottom for volunteers who didn't sign up for the event through GoVoluntr. Just snap a picture of those empty rows after the event is over and send it to, and GoVo will take care of adding their hours for you.


To edit and update your opportunity details, click on the fourth icon:

This will bring you back to the same form you used to create the opportunity.

You've printed out the volunteer sign in sheet and your opportunity is a success! Awesome! Now let's follow up and add hours for your volunteers so you can close out your opportunity on a high note.