Create an Opportunity

Fill Out the Form

Mouse over the screenshot below to see descriptions and tips about the highighted form fields. Be sure to complete all of the required fields!

If you select this checkbox, your opportunity will not be publicly visible on the GoVoluntr site. Instead, to share the opportunity, you must either manually send the opportunity URL to eligible volunteers OR request for your opportunity to the displayed on a specific company's portal (perfect for company-specific opportunities).

Select this checkbox if your opportunity is appropriate for volunteers 14 or younger if accompanied by an adult.

Select this checkbox if your opportunity supports up to 5 volunteers for the same position and shift (perfect for corporate employees). GoVoluntr will automatically provide volunteers with a group registration form.

Be sure to add a photo (even if it's just your organization's logo) so that your opportunity can stand out! Otherwise you get a boring GoVo logo...

Here you can detail any requirements or perks that your volunteers should know about (eg. - age limits, skills, TB testing, etc.).

These two highly customizable time fields allow you to create opportunities that occur on only one day, over a few days, or even on specific days of each month. Use the dropdown to select the recurrence of your opportunity, and a corresponding date picker will appear below it.

Add an RSVP limit to restrict the number of volunteers for your opportunity. GoVoluntr will still list your opportunity even when it's full, in case a spot empties.

You can break larger events down into shifts with individual durations and RSVP limits. Just click “Add a shift to this event” as many times as you need, and “Remove” if you made a mistake. Note that shifts cannot overlap and cannot span multiple days.

Great! Now all the details for your opportunity have been ironed out. Click "Create Opportunity” to make it public. Next, we'll check on who has signed up and begin preparing for the opportunity.